A Personal Guide to Travel and Life in Italy

This personal guide to travel and life in Italy is culled from over 20 years of experience living and working in Italy.  Get the inside scoop on what it’s really like to live in Italy, my favorite places to go in Italy, my recommended hotels and restaurants in Italy and even the darker side of life in Italy and how to cope with its mind-numbing bureaucracy. I’ll cover lots of different topics from luxury to adventure travel in Italy, Italian politics, culinary travel in Italy, Italian language, customs and traditions, as well as how I personally became an expert on Italian furnace parts.

Last Chance for Deals on Culinary & Walking Tours in Sicily, Oct 2014

Enjoy room upgrades, a complimentary 4-star hotel, or a $200 discount on our October 2014 culinary and walking tours in Sicily. There is very limited space so offers are first come, first served. Get all the details here: [more...]

Cantine Aperte – Wine Tasting at Wineries & Cellars in Italy

The 2010 Cantine Aperte program opens 1000 wineries in Italy for wine tasting, cellar visits and other special events on May 30. [more...]

Press Coverage – Piedmont Walking Tour & Truffle Hunt in Alba

Our Piedmont Vineyards & Lakes walking tour is the focus of an article in Ensemble’s Vacation Magazine, with highlights of our truffle-hunting during the truffle fair in Alba. [more...]

Grape Harvest in Chianti Tuscany – Italian Wines & Wine Culture

When the grape harvest begins in Chianti, it's time to start thinking about vipers. [more...]

History & Tasting of Marsala Wine

What do Mussolini and Italian schoolkids have in common? A love of Marsala wine. Taste great Marsala in Marsala, and learn about he hisoìtory of Marsala wine, too. [more...]

Italy Travel Guide
Italy Travel Guide