A Personal Guide to Travel and Life in Italy

This personal guide to travel and life in Italy is culled from over 20 years of experience living and working in Italy.  Get the inside scoop on what it’s really like to live in Italy, my favorite places to go in Italy, my recommended hotels and restaurants in Italy and even the darker side of life in Italy and how to cope with its mind-numbing bureaucracy. I’ll cover lots of different topics from luxury to adventure travel in Italy, Italian politics, culinary travel in Italy, Italian language, customs and traditions, as well as how I personally became an expert on Italian furnace parts.

Towers that Aren’t – Torri, The Villas of Modica

Aren't towers supposed to be tall? Not in the countryside of Modica, where a "torre" - tower - is something else indeed. [more...]

Berlusconi Resigns, Mario Monti New Prime Minister

Silvio Berlusconi resigned on Nov 12, 2011, and a government of technocrats is being headed by the newly appointed prime minister, Mario Monti. But Italy’s current situation is still shaky as Monti works to gain a confidence vote in parliament, and hopefully head off early elections. [more...]

A Culture of Sculpture in Pietrasanta

Art galleries, sculpture studios, and great restaurants make the Tuscan town of Pietrasanta a highlight of our Cinque Terre walking tour in Italy. [more...]

Goddess of Morgantina Returns to Sicily Italy

After long negotiations with the Getty museum, the stolen Goddess of Morgantina has finally returned to Sicily. Off we go to Aidone to welcome her back. [more...]

Looted Silver of Morgantina Returns to Sicily Italy

The ancient Greek silver of Morgantina – once looted, sold, and investigated - has finally been returned to Italy. View the extraordinary collection in Sicily. [more...]

Unique Attractions in Italy- FAI Italian National Trust’s Heritage Weekend

Celebrate Italy’s artistic and cultural heritage with FAI, the National Trust of Italy, and unique attractions not normally open to the public the weekend of March 26 & 27, 2011. [more...]

Celebrate Italy’s 150th Anniversary on March 17-Free Museums and Archeological Sites

In honor of the 150th Anniversary of Italy on March 17, 2011, celebrate with free entrance to state museums and archeological sites [more...]

Regional of Foods of Italy – ‘Mpanatigghi Biscuits from Modica Sicily

'Mpanatigghi are a sweet biscuit from the town of Modica, Sicily with a long history dating back to the 16th century, and contain a surprise ingredient, most unusual for sweets in Italy. [more...]

June 2 Festa Della Repubblica Celebrations in Italy

In 2010 the Festa Della Repubblica celebrations in Italy on June 2 take place in a climate of political instability. [more...]

Idyllic Coastal Walking in Tuscany’s La Maremma Regional Park

Southern Tuscany is home to an area known as La Maremma, and includes wild, untamed countryside and beautiful walking in a protected park on Tuscany’s coast. Anita reports from a walking tour in La Maremma. [more...]

Italy Travel Guide
Italy Travel Guide