A Personal Guide to Travel and Life in Italy

This personal guide to travel and life in Italy is culled from over 20 years of experience living and working in Italy.  Get the inside scoop on what it’s really like to live in Italy, my favorite places to go in Italy, my recommended hotels and restaurants in Italy and even the darker side of life in Italy and how to cope with its mind-numbing bureaucracy. I’ll cover lots of different topics from luxury to adventure travel in Italy, Italian politics, culinary travel in Italy, Italian language, customs and traditions, as well as how I personally became an expert on Italian furnace parts.

Chocolate Battles in Turin – Don’t Be Square

The German Ritter chocolate maker is battling against Italian chocolate makers who make square chocolate bars, claiming the shape as their own. Ritter has threatened to fine a German chocolate seller 20,000 euros if it continues to sell square chocolate bars from other chocolate makers on its internet site. And so the chocolate battles begin. [more...]

Unique Attractions in Italy- FAI Italian National Trust’s Heritage Weekend

Celebrate Italy’s artistic and cultural heritage with FAI, the National Trust of Italy, and unique attractions not normally open to the public the weekend of March 26 & 27, 2011. [more...]

Italian Festivals: St Joseph’s Day in Sicily – A Real Feast

The Festa di San Giuseppe in Sicily is a feast day that honors St. Joseph, and it mainly centers around food. The tavolata – laden table – of sweets and festival breads, and a day-long food auction are part of the celebrations. Of course, I was there to bid. [more...]

Celebrate Italy’s 150th Anniversary on March 17-Free Museums and Archeological Sites

In honor of the 150th Anniversary of Italy on March 17, 2011, celebrate with free entrance to state museums and archeological sites [more...]

Traditions in Italy–Chiacchiere, Carnevale Sweets

Carnevale is celebrated all over Italy, and one of its traditions is eating fried sweets, like chiacchiere. [more...]

Autumn Traditions in Italy–The Summer of San Martino

The warm sunny days of early November - similar to an American Indian summer - are called the "summer of San Martino" in Italy. Find out why. [more...]

Carob Harvest in Eastern Sicily – Food Culture in Italy

A visit to a carob mill when the carob harvest is in full swing in eastern Sicily, and time to contemplate the food culture of Italy during a walk among magnificent carob trees. [more...]

Wine Festivals in Italy – Celebrating Törggelen in South Tyrol

When villages in Italy’s South Tyrol celebrate Törggelen, new wine can be tasted along with regional food specialties during this seasonal wine festival. [more...]

Traditional Foods of Italy-Cipolle di Giarratana Roasted Onions from Sicily

Next to the huge sweet onions of Giarratana, Sicily, all other onions pale in comparison. Roasted or grilled the cipolle di Giarratana are celebrated in an annual festival. [more...]

Peaks of Gastronomy – Michelin Chefs Bring Gourmet Cuisine to Rifugi in the Dolomites

Hiking Italian style means gourmet cuisine in the Dolomites, where Michelin-starred chefs have created special dishes served at mountain rifugi during the "Peaks of Gastronomy" initiative. [more...]

Italy Travel Guide
Italy Travel Guide