A Personal Guide to Travel and Life in Italy

This personal guide to travel and life in Italy is culled from over 20 years of experience living and working in Italy.  Get the inside scoop on what it’s really like to live in Italy, my favorite places to go in Italy, my recommended hotels and restaurants in Italy and even the darker side of life in Italy and how to cope with its mind-numbing bureaucracy. I’ll cover lots of different topics from luxury to adventure travel in Italy, Italian politics, culinary travel in Italy, Italian language, customs and traditions, as well as how I personally became an expert on Italian furnace parts.

Almond Milk Recipe – Latte di Mandorla from Sicily

The trials and tribulations of making the perfect latte di mandorla, with this traditional almond milk recipe from Sicily. [more...]

Italian Festivals: St Joseph’s Day in Sicily – A Real Feast

The Festa di San Giuseppe in Sicily is a feast day that honors St. Joseph, and it mainly centers around food. The tavolata – laden table – of sweets and festival breads, and a day-long food auction are part of the celebrations. Of course, I was there to bid. [more...]

Wildflowers in Italy – The Magical Mandrake Plant

Autumn wildflowers in Italy include the magical mandrake plant, said to have mysterious powers. [more...]

Weeds for Cheese – Bartering Caciocavallo In Sicily

Bartering with a farmer in Modica, Sicily brings us traditional caciocavallo cheese in exchange for weeds. [more...]

At Home in Italy – A Garden Tour in Modica Sicily

Take a tour of my walled garden in Modica Sicily, and enjoy the real world of spring. [more...]

Walking & Hiking Tours in the Italian Dolomites-Discounts & Special Offers

Spectacular walking & hiking tours in the Dolomites just got more enticing with these special offers and discounts. [more...]

Blooming Backaches-Tales from a Drought Resistant Garden in Sicily

The blooming thyme in my garden in Sicily is glorious right now, while more backaches are in store before I can get the latest drought resistant plants in place. [more...]

The Mystery of The Black Well – Adventures in Tuscan Plumbing

Life in a Tuscan farmhouse is interrupted by a plumbing adventure, and the mystery of the black well unfolds. [more...]

At the Food Market in Syracuse Sicily- A Favorite Italian Artichoke Recipe

Experience the artichoke moment, when huge bundles of artichokes are bargain priced at the outdoor food market in Syracuse Sicily, and learn how to cook them with one of our favorite Italian artichoke recipes. [more...]

Dinner with Cashmere Goats in Tuscany – The Inside Story

Accepting an invitation to dinner on a cashmere goat farm in Tuscany can be an unusual experience in veterinary training. [more...]

Italy Travel Guide
Italy Travel Guide