A Personal Guide to Travel and Life in Italy

This personal guide to travel and life in Italy is culled from over 20 years of experience living and working in Italy.  Get the inside scoop on what it’s really like to live in Italy, my favorite places to go in Italy, my recommended hotels and restaurants in Italy and even the darker side of life in Italy and how to cope with its mind-numbing bureaucracy. I’ll cover lots of different topics from luxury to adventure travel in Italy, Italian politics, culinary travel in Italy, Italian language, customs and traditions, as well as how I personally became an expert on Italian furnace parts.

Focaccia Recipe from Liguria

One of the rewards of walking in Liguria and the Cinque Terre is certainly the crispy focaccia genovese - genoa-style focaccia - which is good at all 3 meals plus makes a delicious snack. Here’s our recipe. [more...]

Pear Ricotta Crostata – Tart Recipe from Pleasures of Puglia Tour

One of the great pleasures of Puglia is eating, and we found a place where even breakfast is a feast. [more...]

Grissini – Italian Breadstick Recipe from Piedmont Walking Tour

This breadstick recipe from Piedmont produces crunchy grissini with an interesting history that includes a ghostly legend. We sample them every chance we get on our walking tour in Piedmont. [more...]

Moira Orfei – Queen of the Italian Circus

One of the most recognized faces in Italy is that of Moira Orfei, whose outlandish appearance has become the Italian symbol for the circus queen [more...]

Pesca Tabacchiera – Snuffbox Peach from Mt Etna

An early summer fruit in Sicily is the pesca tabacchiera or snuffbox peach that thrives on the slopes of Mt. Etna. [more...]

Ciliegia Ferrovia – Railway Cherry of Puglia

June is the season for one of the pleasures of Puglia, the railway cherry or "ciliegia ferrovia" [more...]

June 4, 2012 – National Day of Mourning in Italy

A national day of mourning in Italy has been declared for June 4, 2012, in honor of the earthquake victims in Emilia Romagna. You can help by donating via the Italian Red Cross. [more...]

June 2 – Festa della Repubblica 2012 Celebrations in Italy

In 2012, the Festa della Repubblica celebrations in Italy held on June 2, will be a much more somber affair, with limited festivities out of respect for Italy's earthquake victims. During the Feast of the Republic, a call for national unity and solidarity will be key. [more...]

NTV Italo – New High Speed Trains in Italy

High speed train travel in Italy just got a lot more interesting with the new Italo, the privately owned NTV train service that has customer comfort at its core, and aims to be major competition for state-owned Trenitalia [more...]

Free Museums during 2012 Culture Week in Italy

Enjoy free admission to museums and archeological sites all over Italy during the 14th annual Settimana della Cultura, the 2012 edition of Italian Culture Week [more...]

Italy Travel Guide
Italy Travel Guide