Hiking & Walking Trails in Italy

Simply by putting one foot in front of the other, walking gives an immediate sense of exploring a new place, and the physical activity means you can have more for lunch. I read Italian travel guides and hiking magazines to find out about new areas for walking tours in Italy, and especially enjoy pathways that represent a piece of Italy’s history, like Roman and Etruscan roads, or pilgrim trails and smuggler’s paths. Often I just walk out my front door in Sicily, and go walking for the pure pleasure of it, with no set destination other than resting under a 500-year old olive tree.

Shopping in Italy-The Lorenzi Knife & Kitchenware Shop

The historic Lorenzi shop in Bolzano is a family–run store with a great selection of quality kitchen goods, knives, and scissors. If you've got something to cut, they've got the tool, and their individual attention and friendly service are the essence of shopping in Italy. [more...]

Neviere in Sicily – From Snow to Ice on Monte Lauro

Gathering snow and compacting it into ice has been done for centuries, but nowhere more beautifully than at the neviere snow huts of Monte Lauro. Join us on a visit to this off the beaten path attraction in Sicily. [more...]

Bastardoni-Big Bastards: Prickly Pears of Sicily

When you hear vendors hollering "bastardoni" in Sicily, it’s the season for the prickly pears known as "big bastards." Legend has it that this traditional food found in markets in Italy is the result of a feud. [more...]

Fixed-price Lunch Fixed-Price Menus at 2-star Michelin Il Duomo in Ragusa, Sicily

New fixed-price menus at lunch are an enticement for discerning diners at the 2-star Michelin restaurant Il Duomo in Ragusa Sicily. They're a great way to sample chef Ciccio Sultano’s superb cooking. [more...]

Travel Deals on Walking & Cycling Tours in Sicily, Fall 2011

Luxury travel deals in Italy: Explore the back roads and countryside of Sicily on a walking tour or a bicycle vacation and enjoy a discount on these special fall 2011 departures of cycling and walking tours in Sicily. [more...]

Splendors of Sicily Walking Tour Images

Our Splendors of Sicily walking tour includes Greek temples, stunning walks, and lots more - Here are some image from a previous Italian Connection tour. [more...]

Best Hotel Breakfast in Italy-5 Stars

In my travels through Italy, I have compiled a list of recommended hotels that serve the best breakfast in Italy. Here are two of my 5–star favorites. [more...]

Pleasures of Puglia- Glimpse our Culinary tour

We made sure that our Pleasures of Puglia tour will run smoothly, by taking a trip to Puglia and Basilicata to go over everything on this culinary tour. Here are a few photos of places we visited - I want the food to be a surprise when you get here! [more...]

Traditional Taralli Recipe from Puglia

Taralli are crunchy ring-shaped crackers that are traditional in Puglia, and we learn to make them on our Pleasures of Puglia tour. Here's the recipe for making taralli at home. [more...]

A Culture of Sculpture in Pietrasanta

Art galleries, sculpture studios, and great restaurants make the Tuscan town of Pietrasanta a highlight of our Cinque Terre walking tour in Italy. [more...]

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