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Simply by putting one foot in front of the other, walking gives an immediate sense of exploring a new place, and the physical activity means you can have more for lunch. I read Italian travel guides and hiking magazines to find out about new areas for walking tours in Italy, and especially enjoy pathways that represent a piece of Italy’s history, like Roman and Etruscan roads, or pilgrim trails and smuggler’s paths. Often I just walk out my front door in Sicily, and go walking for the pure pleasure of it, with no set destination other than resting under a 500-year old olive tree.

Focaccia Recipe from Puglia Walking Tour

Walking in Puglia is a delight for all the senses, and once we’d left the trail and headed the lunch, many varieties of pugliese-style focaccia graced the table. This recipe is our version of focaccia from our Puglia Walk, ready to stave off withdrawal now that our walking tour in Italy is complete. [more...]

Secret Sale – Luxury Travel Deals in Italy for Fall 2015

Save on fall 2015 culinary and walking tours in Italy with our Secret Sale. Find out what's on sale with our upcoming luxury travel deals [more...]

Aeolian Islands Walking Tour Holiday – Walk & Island-Hop by Private Boat in Sicily

May is the perfect time of year to walk in the Aeolian Islands, and Italian Connection’s new tour offers spectacular walking and breezy boat rides from island to island, making for a magical vacation. Read on for more details about this holiday and a great special offer. [more...]

Sicilian Desserts – Genovesi Pastry Recipe from Erice Sicily

Le genovesi are custard-filled pastries that are a specialty of the town of Erice, which we visit on several of our culinary and walking tours in Sicily. If you can't get to Maria Grammatico's pastry shop in Erice, try this Sicilian dessert recipe at home. [more...]

Focaccia Recipe from Liguria

One of the rewards of walking in Liguria and the Cinque Terre is certainly the crispy focaccia genovese - genoa-style focaccia - which is good at all 3 meals plus makes a delicious snack. Here’s our recipe. [more...]

Grissini – Italian Breadstick Recipe from Piedmont Walking Tour

This breadstick recipe from Piedmont produces crunchy grissini with an interesting history that includes a ghostly legend. We sample them every chance we get on our walking tour in Piedmont. [more...]

Roman Mosaics in Sicily – The Villa del Tellaro

Set amongst lemon groves near the town of Noto in southeastern Sicily, the remains of the Roman Villa del Tellaro are noteworthy for their exquisite Roman mosaics dating back to the 4th century AD. [more...]

Wild Orchids Found on Walks in Italy

Follow the wild orchid season while walking in Italy and find out the best times to go on a wildflower walk from Sicily to the Dolomites. [more...]

Towers that Aren’t – Torri, The Villas of Modica

Aren't towers supposed to be tall? Not in the countryside of Modica, where a "torre" - tower - is something else indeed. [more...]

Cheese Tour & Tasting in Ragusa Sicily

Cheese tasting and a tour of the cheesemaking facilites at Corfilac in Ragusa are on the menu March 24 & 25, 2012 [more...]

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