Hip Trip Tips for Travel in Italy

From my long experience getting around in Italy, I’ll tell you about the ins and outs of the Italian train system, taking the bus in Italy, when it’s better to travel by plane than by train in Italy, the best locations for renting a car in Italy, and rules of the road in Italy-which to follow and which to ignore. Hiring a private driver in Italy is a stress-free form of travel that eliminates the schedules of public transportation, and the hassles of parking and traffic. Plus you can enjoy feeling fabulously wealthy, however briefly.

Caretta Caretta Loggerhead Sea Turtles Released in Eastern Sicily

The San Lorenzo beach in eastern Sicily was the setting for the recent release of nine loggerhead sea turtles (caretta caretta) by the Sicily Wildlife Fund. [more...]

Peaks of Gastronomy – Michelin Chefs Bring Gourmet Cuisine to Rifugi in the Dolomites

Hiking Italian style means gourmet cuisine in the Dolomites, where Michelin-starred chefs have created special dishes served at mountain rifugi during the "Peaks of Gastronomy" initiative. [more...]

Tips on Travel in Sicily – Insider Guide to Getting Lost

Tip: To travel in Sicily means to get lost. An insider guide to experiencing the back roads of Sicily. [more...]

Travel in Italy Update – Volcanic Ash from Iceland

Travel in Italy has been affected by the volcanic ash from Iceland. Here’s an update. [more...]

Caravaggio Exhibition in Rome – Works from Museums around the World

A stunning collection of Caravaggio’s work is on display at a special exhibition in Rome, and includes works on loan from museums around the world. [more...]

Dinner with Cashmere Goats in Tuscany – The Inside Story

Accepting an invitation to dinner on a cashmere goat farm in Tuscany can be an unusual experience in veterinary training. [more...]

Tour the Vatican Without the Crowds – A Special After-Hours Visit

The Vatican Museums are home to one of the finest collections of art in the world, and special after-hours tours of the Vatican allow you to savor this extraordinary tour experience without the crowds. [more...]

English-Italian Lessons Served with Cappuccino on Tour in Tuscany

In an attempt to clarify pricing in English, a cafe owner in Pienza risked encouraging some wild behavior. Time for an English-Italian lesson along with cappuccino on a tour in Tuscany. [more...]

Traveling by Train in Sicily

Taking the train in Sicily means slow but scenic travel. [more...]

Low-Cost Flights to Sicily from Rome

Fly on low-cost carrier Blu Express from Rome to Sicily and save your cash for cannoli. [more...]

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