Hip Trip Tips for Travel in Italy

From my long experience getting around in Italy, I’ll tell you about the ins and outs of the Italian train system, taking the bus in Italy, when it’s better to travel by plane than by train in Italy, the best locations for renting a car in Italy, and rules of the road in Italy-which to follow and which to ignore. Hiring a private driver in Italy is a stress-free form of travel that eliminates the schedules of public transportation, and the hassles of parking and traffic. Plus you can enjoy feeling fabulously wealthy, however briefly.

NTV Italo – New High Speed Trains in Italy

High speed train travel in Italy just got a lot more interesting with the new Italo, the privately owned NTV train service that has customer comfort at its core, and aims to be major competition for state-owned Trenitalia [more...]

Weekend with FAI 2012 – Italian National Trust Sites

The weekend of March 24 & 25, 2012 the organization called "FAI" (Italian National Trust) sponsors guided visits of 670 sites all over Italy, most of which are not normally open to the public. [more...]

It’s Hot: Almond Harvest in Sicily

The almond harvest in Sicily at the Mastri di San Basilio farm takes place at the height of summer. Join Anita as she ventures into the August heat in search of pizzuta almonds fresh off the tree. [more...]

Traditional Taralli Recipe from Puglia

Taralli are crunchy ring-shaped crackers that are traditional in Puglia, and we learn to make them on our Pleasures of Puglia tour. Here's the recipe for making taralli at home. [more...]

A Culture of Sculpture in Pietrasanta

Art galleries, sculpture studios, and great restaurants make the Tuscan town of Pietrasanta a highlight of our Cinque Terre walking tour in Italy. [more...]

Goddess of Morgantina Returns to Sicily Italy

After long negotiations with the Getty museum, the stolen Goddess of Morgantina has finally returned to Sicily. Off we go to Aidone to welcome her back. [more...]

Unique Attractions in Italy- FAI Italian National Trust’s Heritage Weekend

Celebrate Italy’s artistic and cultural heritage with FAI, the National Trust of Italy, and unique attractions not normally open to the public the weekend of March 26 & 27, 2011. [more...]

Celebrate Italy’s 150th Anniversary on March 17-Free Museums and Archeological Sites

In honor of the 150th Anniversary of Italy on March 17, 2011, celebrate with free entrance to state museums and archeological sites [more...]

Autumn Wildflowers in Italy – Real and Fake Crocus

A few special wildflowers bloom in autumn in Italy, like fragrant saffron crocus and bright yellow sternbergia, a daffodil masquerading as a crocus. [more...]

Deciphering a Parking Sign – How to Avoid Parking Tickets in Italy

Parking in Italy can be a challenge, from squeezing into a tiny space to deciphering a parking sign. Here are parking tips to avoid getting a parking ticket in Italy, and where to find a guardian angel. [more...]

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