Stories of Life in Tuscany & Sicily

Life in Italy is a love-hate thing. I admit to being seduced by Tuscany’s magical golden light, besotted by the Renaissance, tantalized by Sicily’s sensuous pastry shops, charmed by the Italian language and then quickly disenchanted by the brutal reality of getting almost anything done. I’ve suffered heartless years of waiting for an insurance claim, submitted to diabolical rules for getting a driving license, and wept broken-hearted sobs when the plumber never called back. The tempting dream to live in Italy may sound like a romantic endeavor, but it helps to be nuts.

Limoncello Recipe – Make Homemade Limoncello

Ever wondered how to make limoncello? Try your hand at homemade limoncello, with this easy limoncello recipe. [more...]

Lemon Cake Recipe from Sicily

When lemons are in profusion in Sicily, this easy Sicilian lemon cake recipe is a must. Find lots of other uses for lemons, too. [more...]

Arance Rosse – Blood Oranges from Sicily

Winter is the season for arance rosse, the blood oranges of Sicily, with the tarocco orange being the most highly prized. Find out why. [more...]

Fixed-price Lunch Fixed-Price Menus at 2-star Michelin Il Duomo in Ragusa, Sicily

New fixed-price menus at lunch are an enticement for discerning diners at the 2-star Michelin restaurant Il Duomo in Ragusa Sicily. They're a great way to sample chef Ciccio Sultano’s superb cooking. [more...]

Cookbook Review-Cucina Povera, Tuscan Peasant Cooking

In the midst of trendy cookbooks about Tuscany, Cucina Povera by Pamela Sheldon Johns stands out as being the genuine article, with authentic recipes of Tuscan peasant cooking and personal anecdotes based on the author’s experience living in Tuscany. Ricotta cake recipe included. [more...]

Almond Milk Recipe – Latte di Mandorla from Sicily

The trials and tribulations of making the perfect latte di mandorla, with this traditional almond milk recipe from Sicily. [more...]

It’s Hot: Almond Harvest in Sicily

The almond harvest in Sicily at the Mastri di San Basilio farm takes place at the height of summer. Join Anita as she ventures into the August heat in search of pizzuta almonds fresh off the tree. [more...]

Italian Food Traditions-Preserve Capers in Salt

When the hot summer is in full swing, capers spring to life. Follow an Italian food tradtion and learn how to pick and preserve capers in salt. [more...]

Celebrations in Italy – Festival of San Sebastiano in Sicily

The festival of San Sebastiano in Sicily is a big deal - not to be missed for the colorful mix of religion and folklore - with stunning special effects that will blow your mind. Join the patron saint celebrations in Palazzolo Acreide and experience a festa you will not soon forget. [more...]

The Sour Cherry Syrup Saga

Sciroppo di amarene is a tart cherry syrup made from sour cherries and makes a refreshing summertime drink. Traditional in Italy as a beverage or to flavor a grattachecca snow cone. [more...]

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