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Italy’s wealth of historical sites is surpassed only by its wealth of corrupt politicians, but hey, no place is perfect. If we focus on Italian artists, architects and designers, plus Italy’s great chefs and scientists, then we can try our best to ignore Berlusconi. Italy is like a hundred countries in one, with totally different places to visit that have their own architecture, regional cuisine and local dialect, and many of these places are rarely visited by foreign tourists. Explore slowly with me, and discover off the beaten track Italy, as well as personal recommendations at more popular sites in Italy, and interesting people along the way.

Moira Orfei – Queen of the Italian Circus

One of the most recognized faces in Italy is that of Moira Orfei, whose outlandish appearance has become the Italian symbol for the circus queen [more...]

Free Museums during 2012 Culture Week in Italy

Enjoy free admission to museums and archeological sites all over Italy during the 14th annual Settimana della Cultura, the 2012 edition of Italian Culture Week [more...]

Roman Mosaics in Sicily – The Villa del Tellaro

Set amongst lemon groves near the town of Noto in southeastern Sicily, the remains of the Roman Villa del Tellaro are noteworthy for their exquisite Roman mosaics dating back to the 4th century AD. [more...]

Towers that Aren’t – Torri, The Villas of Modica

Aren't towers supposed to be tall? Not in the countryside of Modica, where a "torre" - tower - is something else indeed. [more...]

Weekend with FAI 2012 – Italian National Trust Sites

The weekend of March 24 & 25, 2012 the organization called "FAI" (Italian National Trust) sponsors guided visits of 670 sites all over Italy, most of which are not normally open to the public. [more...]

Shopping in Italy-The Lorenzi Knife & Kitchenware Shop

The historic Lorenzi shop in Bolzano is a family–run store with a great selection of quality kitchen goods, knives, and scissors. If you've got something to cut, they've got the tool, and their individual attention and friendly service are the essence of shopping in Italy. [more...]

Neviere in Sicily – From Snow to Ice on Monte Lauro

Gathering snow and compacting it into ice has been done for centuries, but nowhere more beautifully than at the neviere snow huts of Monte Lauro. Join us on a visit to this off the beaten path attraction in Sicily. [more...]

Traditional Christmas Nougat in Italy–Perfect Almond Torrone

A visit to torrone heaven in the small town of Giarratana, Sicily. At the Torronificio Trapani, I watched how to make almond torrone, a traditional Christmas nougat that is popular all over Italy. [more...]

Fixed-price Lunch Fixed-Price Menus at 2-star Michelin Il Duomo in Ragusa, Sicily

New fixed-price menus at lunch are an enticement for discerning diners at the 2-star Michelin restaurant Il Duomo in Ragusa Sicily. They're a great way to sample chef Ciccio Sultano’s superb cooking. [more...]

Berlusconi Resigns, Mario Monti New Prime Minister

Silvio Berlusconi resigned on Nov 12, 2011, and a government of technocrats is being headed by the newly appointed prime minister, Mario Monti. But Italy’s current situation is still shaky as Monti works to gain a confidence vote in parliament, and hopefully head off early elections. [more...]

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