Reviews & Recommendations in Italy

Though it may appear that I spend all my time eating, drinking and walking in Italy, that is at most only 95% of my time. I will back this up with an occasional review of an Italian film, book or art exhibit, as well as give my personal opinions on hotels, restaurants, and historical sites in Italy.

Best Hotel Breakfast in Italy-5 Stars

In my travels through Italy, I have compiled a list of recommended hotels that serve the best breakfast in Italy. Here are two of my 5–star favorites. [more...]

Walking in Sicily – Foraging for Wild Asparagus

Foraging for wild asparagus is just an excuse to enjoy the beautiful countryside while walking in Sicily. Then there's lunch, which may or may not be asparagus risotto. [more...]

Traditional Restaurants Serving Regional Food in Italy-Ristorante Maria Fidone in Sicily

Traditional restaurants that serve regional food in Italy can still be found at bargain prices in Sicily. A fine example is Ristorante Maria Fidone near Modica, Sicily, which serves regional dishes that vary with the season. [more...]

Franco Zeffirelli and the Arena of Verona-Summer Opera Festival in a Roman Amphitheatre

Franco Zeffirelli's spectacular stage sets are not to be missed at the 2010 Arena of Verona Opera Festival, held in the Roman amphitheatre. [more...]

Mamma Agata Cookbook – Book Review & Lemon Cake Recipe from Amalfi Coast

Simple recipes from the Amalfi Coast using high-quality ingredients are illustrated in full color in Mamma Agata’s cookbook. Book review and firsthand experience with the Lemon Cake Recipe. [more...]

Sunday Lunch in Italy – An Italian Family Tradition in Sicily

Sunday lunch in Italy has traditionally been a leisurely family affair, and if there is no one willing to cook at home, the next best thing is an agriturismo in Sicily for a huge farm lunch. [more...]

Cucina – Palermo Sicily Restaurant Review

Cucina is a welcome new addition to the Palermo restaurant scene, with traditional food served in a friendly atmosphere [more...]

Coffee Bars in Italy – How to Order Like a Native

Italians have perfected the art of making coffee, as well as how to order it in Italy. [more...]

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