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An Italian told me that while others eat to live, Italians live to eat, and he said that with his mouth full. Italians will enthusiastically share their restaurant recommendations and family recipes, and even as fast food creeps into their culture, Italians staunchly guard their traditional food products, as witnessed by the founding of the Slow Food movement. A favorite Italian proverb is "A tavola non si invecchia" - at the table one does not age - so relaxed meals are the key to a long life.

Focaccia Recipe from Puglia Walking Tour

Walking in Puglia is a delight for all the senses, and once we’d left the trail and headed the lunch, many varieties of pugliese-style focaccia graced the table. This recipe is our version of focaccia from our Puglia Walk, ready to stave off withdrawal now that our walking tour in Italy is complete. [more...]

Chocolate Almond Biscotti Recipe

This recipe for Chocolate Almond Biscotti is adapted from the excellent blog by David Lebovitz - The addition of chopped bittersweet chocolate to the recipe have made these biscotti a favorite among my Italian friends. [more...]

Turkish Red Lentil Soup Recipe – from Sicily to Istanbul

Inspired by our Italian Connection's new "Two Continents" culinary tour that visits Sicily and Istanbul, this Turkish red lentil soup is the perfect hot dish for a cold winter day. Get the recipe. [more...]

Sicilian Desserts – Genovesi Pastry Recipe from Erice Sicily

Le genovesi are custard-filled pastries that are a specialty of the town of Erice, which we visit on several of our culinary and walking tours in Sicily. If you can't get to Maria Grammatico's pastry shop in Erice, try this Sicilian dessert recipe at home. [more...]

Semifreddo alle Mandorle – Sicilian Almond Semifreddo Recipe

This make ahead dessert is especially delicious when made with almonds from Sicily, and it's easy to do. This makes a cool creamy dessert that is perfect on a hot summer day....or any other time. [more...]

Focaccia Recipe from Liguria

One of the rewards of walking in Liguria and the Cinque Terre is certainly the crispy focaccia genovese - genoa-style focaccia - which is good at all 3 meals plus makes a delicious snack. Here’s our recipe. [more...]

Pear Ricotta Crostata – Tart Recipe from Pleasures of Puglia Tour

One of the great pleasures of Puglia is eating, and we found a place where even breakfast is a feast. [more...]

Grissini – Italian Breadstick Recipe from Piedmont Walking Tour

This breadstick recipe from Piedmont produces crunchy grissini with an interesting history that includes a ghostly legend. We sample them every chance we get on our walking tour in Piedmont. [more...]

Pesca Tabacchiera – Snuffbox Peach from Mt Etna

An early summer fruit in Sicily is the pesca tabacchiera or snuffbox peach that thrives on the slopes of Mt. Etna. [more...]

Ciliegia Ferrovia – Railway Cherry of Puglia

June is the season for one of the pleasures of Puglia, the railway cherry or "ciliegia ferrovia" [more...]

Italian Food
Italian Food