Understanding the Culture & Customs of Italy

Customs and traditions are an important part of the Italian culture, which is why you can get a great cup of coffee anywhere, or there is a picture of a saint on your rental car. Many of Italy’s traditions are food-related, but there is also social etiquette to be followed and superstition to be reckoned with, so to avoid a brutta figura (looking like a fool) it’s a good idea to know more about protocol and culture in Italy.

Free Museums during 2012 Culture Week in Italy

Enjoy free admission to museums and archeological sites all over Italy during the 14th annual Settimana della Cultura, the 2012 edition of Italian Culture Week [more...]

Shopping in Italy-The Lorenzi Knife & Kitchenware Shop

The historic Lorenzi shop in Bolzano is a family–run store with a great selection of quality kitchen goods, knives, and scissors. If you've got something to cut, they've got the tool, and their individual attention and friendly service are the essence of shopping in Italy. [more...]

Bastardoni-Big Bastards: Prickly Pears of Sicily

When you hear vendors hollering "bastardoni" in Sicily, it’s the season for the prickly pears known as "big bastards." Legend has it that this traditional food found in markets in Italy is the result of a feud. [more...]

Celebrations in Italy – Festival of San Sebastiano in Sicily

The festival of San Sebastiano in Sicily is a big deal - not to be missed for the colorful mix of religion and folklore - with stunning special effects that will blow your mind. Join the patron saint celebrations in Palazzolo Acreide and experience a festa you will not soon forget. [more...]

Italy’s Referendum Repeals Nuclear Power Law

Italy’s positive referendum vote overturns government stance on nuclear power, water as a private utility and legitimate impediment. [more...]

Traditional Foods of Italy- Colomba Pasquale, Italian Easter Cake

Colomba pasquale, an Italian Easter cake usually shaped like a dove, is one of the foods traditionally served at an Easter meal in Italy…and leftovers are great with cappuccino the next morning. Read on to learn how to make this delicious cake with a home-tested recipe. [more...]

Italian Festivals: St Joseph’s Day in Sicily – A Real Feast

The Festa di San Giuseppe in Sicily is a feast day that honors St. Joseph, and it mainly centers around food. The tavolata – laden table – of sweets and festival breads, and a day-long food auction are part of the celebrations. Of course, I was there to bid. [more...]

Traditions in Italy–Chiacchiere, Carnevale Sweets

Carnevale is celebrated all over Italy, and one of its traditions is eating fried sweets, like chiacchiere. [more...]

Regional of Foods of Italy – ‘Mpanatigghi Biscuits from Modica Sicily

'Mpanatigghi are a sweet biscuit from the town of Modica, Sicily with a long history dating back to the 16th century, and contain a surprise ingredient, most unusual for sweets in Italy. [more...]

Food Traditions in Italy-Unesco Mediterranean Diet

At a free pasta feast in Rome, Italy celebrates the Mediterranean diet’s inclusion in the Unesco Intangible Heritage list. [more...]

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