Travel Notes from Tours in Italy

Follow me when I’m on tour in Italy, and learn about where I go and who is traveling with me on our walking and culinary tours. Learn what it’s like to be a tour leader in Italy (hellish to heavenly) and come along as I scout out interesting new places, welcoming hotels, and quirky activities to add to our tours. Or you could just hop on a plane and come on over- I’ll show you a great time in Italy.

Looted Silver of Morgantina Returns to Sicily Italy

The ancient Greek silver of Morgantina – once looted, sold, and investigated - has finally been returned to Italy. View the extraordinary collection in Sicily. [more...]

Regional of Foods of Italy – ‘Mpanatigghi Biscuits from Modica Sicily

'Mpanatigghi are a sweet biscuit from the town of Modica, Sicily with a long history dating back to the 16th century, and contain a surprise ingredient, most unusual for sweets in Italy. [more...]

Walking in Italy – Tre Cime di Lavaredo, A Spectacular Hike in the Dolomites

My favorite walking route for this spectacular hike in the Dolomites of Italy, and how to avoid most of the crowds on the popular walking trails around the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. [more...]

Peaks of Gastronomy – Michelin Chefs Bring Gourmet Cuisine to Rifugi in the Dolomites

Hiking Italian style means gourmet cuisine in the Dolomites, where Michelin-starred chefs have created special dishes served at mountain rifugi during the "Peaks of Gastronomy" initiative. [more...]

Italian Food Traditions–Furtaies Recipe for Funnel Cakes with Grappa from the Dolomites

The next time you see funnel cakes at a state fair, ask if they add grappa to the batter. That’s a key ingredient in this traditional dessert in the Dolomites, where funnel cakes are called by a variety of names –such as furtaies, strauben, or just plain delicious. [more...]

Involtini – Recipe from a Cooking Class in Sicily

This recipe for involtini, little meat rolls with a citrus flavored stuffing, comes from a casual cooking class in our home kitchen in Sicily. [more...]

Idyllic Coastal Walking in Tuscany’s La Maremma Regional Park

Southern Tuscany is home to an area known as La Maremma, and includes wild, untamed countryside and beautiful walking in a protected park on Tuscany’s coast. Anita reports from a walking tour in La Maremma. [more...]

Italy’s Traditional DOP Cheeses – Provola of the Nebrodi Mountains in Sicily

One of Italy’s historic cheeses is Provola dei Nebrodi, a DOP cheese made in the mountains above Messina, Sicily, and traditionally aged in damp caves. [more...]

Wildflowers in Italy-Orchids & Colorful Wildflowers on a Walking Tour in Sicily

Orchids are just a few of the delights to be found when walking in Sicily during the wildflower season in Italy. Then there's lunch. [more...]

English-Italian Lessons Served with Cappuccino on Tour in Tuscany

In an attempt to clarify pricing in English, a cafe owner in Pienza risked encouraging some wild behavior. Time for an English-Italian lesson along with cappuccino on a tour in Tuscany. [more...]

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