Travel Notes from Tours in Italy

Follow me when I’m on tour in Italy, and learn about where I go and who is traveling with me on our walking and culinary tours. Learn what it’s like to be a tour leader in Italy (hellish to heavenly) and come along as I scout out interesting new places, welcoming hotels, and quirky activities to add to our tours. Or you could just hop on a plane and come on over- I’ll show you a great time in Italy.

Turkish Red Lentil Soup Recipe – from Sicily to Istanbul

Inspired by our Italian Connection's new "Two Continents" culinary tour that visits Sicily and Istanbul, this Turkish red lentil soup is the perfect hot dish for a cold winter day. Get the recipe. [more...]

Pear Ricotta Crostata – Tart Recipe from Pleasures of Puglia Tour

One of the great pleasures of Puglia is eating, and we found a place where even breakfast is a feast. [more...]

Grissini – Italian Breadstick Recipe from Piedmont Walking Tour

This breadstick recipe from Piedmont produces crunchy grissini with an interesting history that includes a ghostly legend. We sample them every chance we get on our walking tour in Piedmont. [more...]

Wild Orchids Found on Walks in Italy

Follow the wild orchid season while walking in Italy and find out the best times to go on a wildflower walk from Sicily to the Dolomites. [more...]

Splendors of Sicily Walking Tour Images

Our Splendors of Sicily walking tour includes Greek temples, stunning walks, and lots more - Here are some image from a previous Italian Connection tour. [more...]

Best Hotel Breakfast in Italy-5 Stars

In my travels through Italy, I have compiled a list of recommended hotels that serve the best breakfast in Italy. Here are two of my 5–star favorites. [more...]

Pleasures of Puglia- Glimpse our Culinary tour

We made sure that our Pleasures of Puglia tour will run smoothly, by taking a trip to Puglia and Basilicata to go over everything on this culinary tour. Here are a few photos of places we visited - I want the food to be a surprise when you get here! [more...]

Traditional Taralli Recipe from Puglia

Taralli are crunchy ring-shaped crackers that are traditional in Puglia, and we learn to make them on our Pleasures of Puglia tour. Here's the recipe for making taralli at home. [more...]

A Culture of Sculpture in Pietrasanta

Art galleries, sculpture studios, and great restaurants make the Tuscan town of Pietrasanta a highlight of our Cinque Terre walking tour in Italy. [more...]

Goddess of Morgantina Returns to Sicily Italy

After long negotiations with the Getty museum, the stolen Goddess of Morgantina has finally returned to Sicily. Off we go to Aidone to welcome her back. [more...]

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